Upcoming premieres:

Torbjörn Lundquist: Bellows Symphony for two accordions, fp 11/2022

Seppo Pohjola: Viril, fp to be announced

Benjamin Schweitzer: Ilmakannel for accordion and ensemble, fp to be announced

Past premieres:

Christian Glowatzki: …war und ist nicht... for quarter tone accordion and organ, fp 1/2022 in Stuttgart

Tuomas Kettunen: Pidot for accordion solo, fp 2/2022 in Lissabon

Lotta Wennäkoski: Amorti for accordion solo, fp 6/2021

Karolina Eiriksdottir: Lisbeta (opera), fp 7/2021

Devon Osamu Tipp: Cheat Sadness/Enjoy Suffering for MikroEnsemble, fp 2/2020

Veli Kujala: microdancetudes for MikroEnsemble, fp 2/2020

Joachim F.W. Schneider: Grand Duo for two accordions, fp 5/2019

Devon Osamu Tipp: Sisyphos for organ and qt accordion, fp 3/2019

Kyle Gann: Two Creatures for qt accordion, fp 9/2018

Markku Klami: Karui for clarinet and qt accordion, fp 9/2018

Chamber works by Alex Freeman, Tuomas Kettunen, Aina Eve Nakamura, Ido Romano, Maria Rostovtseva & Devon Tipp, fp 9/2018

Max Savikangas: Maxams for viola, accordion and double bass, fp 9/2017

Juhani Vesikkala: Zweier Lasterkatalog for soprano saxophone and accordion, fp 9/2017

Veli Kujala: Thum Bop – A Hitchhiker’s Concerto  for accordion and big band, fp 9/2017 with the UMO Jazz Orchestra, cond. by Kirmo Lintinen

Markus Fagerudd: Stream & River Motion for Pipoka trio and Orchestra, fp 11/2016 with the Pori Sinfonietta and spring 2017 with the Kymi Sinfonietta and Lapland Chamber Orchestra

Riikka Talvitie: Veden huoneet for accordion and organ, fp 10/2016

Vesa Valkama: Flashbacks for quarter-tone accordion, fp 10/2016

James Wood: Lamentations for Berlin Vocalconsort, viola da gamba, accordion and two clarinets, fp 11/2015

Kyle Gann: Reticent Behemoth for quarter-tone accordion, fp 9/2015

Veli Kujala: Photon for organ and accordion, fp 7/2015

Tiina Myllärinen: Farewell for quarter tone accordion, violin and organ, fp 6/2015

Jukka Tiensuu: Anomal Dances, concerto for quarter tone accordion and symphony orchestra, fp 3/2015

Juha Pisto: Zerno for accordion solo, fp 10/2014

Olli Virtaperko: Celestial Bodies, fp 5/2014

Christian Glowatzki: Bogengänge for organ and accordion, fp 5/2014

Sampo Haapamäki: Conception, double concerto for quarter tone accordion, quarter tone guitar and sinfonietta ensemble, fp 4/2014

Devon Tipp: Bagatelles for quarter tone accordion, fp 9/2013

Hannu Pohjannoro: hämärän kaareva raja for quarter tone accordion, fp 9/2013

Teppo Hauta-aho: Vennon portti for quarter tone accordion & tape, fp 9/2013

Markus Fagerudd: Välilasku, chamber opera (sopr, bar, acc, guit, tuba) 2/2012

Veli Kujala: MiXi for quarter tone accordion and string quartet, fp 9/2011

Jouni Hirvelä: Tatuoitu kivi (bcl, acc, qt-acc, harpsichord, perc) 7/2011

Joachim F. W. Schneider: Double Concerto for quarter tone accordion, accordion and chamber orchestra, fp 2/2011

Olli Virtaperko: Five Words of Calvino, double concerto for cello, accordion and orchestra, fp 12/2010

Olli Virtaperko: Corpse Reviver # 2 for Roland digital accordion, fp 10/2010

Veli Kujala: Hyperchromatic Counterpoint for quarter tone accordion and 5.0 surround, fp 9/2009

Paola Livorsi: Infra for accordion and organ, fp 6/2009

Einojuhani Rautavaara: 7 preludes for accordion, fp 11/2008

Sampo Haapamäki: Velinikka for quarter tone accordion and chamber orchestra, fp 9/2008

Sami Klemola: Lounasmusiikkia I for quarter tone accordion and organ, fp 4/2008

Mikko Nisula: Emanations, Sonata no. 2 for accordion, fp 4/2008

Markus Fagerudd: D’n’A for accordion and orchestra or wind orchestra, fp 10/2007

Friedrich Goldmann: 4 duos for organ and accordion, fp 7/2007

Matthew Whittall: being the pine tree for accordion solo, fp 7/2007

Olli Virtaperko: Försoning for accordion solo, fp 11/2006

Max Savikangas: Gene-enhanced Väinämöinen sings cyborg-Joukahainen into the black hole of virtual space for kantele (with live electronics), two accordions and string quintet, fp 10/2006

Sakari Raappana: Double Time for trombone and accordion, fp 9/2006

Vesa Valkama: Antique Dance Suite for accordion solo, fp 9/2006

Osmo Honkanen: Ma Donna for organ and accordion, fp 6/2006

Olli Virtaperko: Kalkkeen meri ahtona for accordion and kantele, fp 5/2006

Osmo Tapio Räihälä: De-Cadenza for accordion and string quartet, fp 12/2005

Daping Qin: Mens for viola and accordion, fp 12/2005

Olli Virtaperko: Devil’s Lungs for accordion solo, fp 10/2005

Pasi Lyytikäinen: Vuo for accordion solo, fp 9/2005

Vesa Valkama: Turtle on Tour 500 B.C. for bandoneon and accordion, fp 3/2005

Uljas Pulkkis: Streams for 2 accordions, fp 3/2005

Pekka Pohjola: Bayan for accordion and chamber orchestra, fp 1/2004

Kirmo Lintinen: Fiuu for chamber choir, piano and accordion, fp 10/2003

Helmut Zapf: Trionfale II for 2 accordions and brass quartet, fp 7/2003

Kalevi Aho: Sonata for Two Accordions, fp 11/2002

Vesa Valkama: 2001: The Accordion Odyssey (2 acc), fp 11/2002

Esa Onttonen: Kiduspoika Janus (acc+string quintet), fp 10/2002

Tomi Räisänen: The Hall of Mirrors for accordion solo, fp 7/2002

Osmo Honkanen: Karesansui (acc, celesta, harp), fp 6/2002

Lauri Toivio: Vimma for accordion solo, fp 6/2002

Perttu Haapanen: Ak’khá for accordion solo, fp (new version) 9/2001

Vesa Valkama: Tyy for accordion solo, fp 2/2001

Juhani Nuorvala: What’s a Nice Chord Like You Doing in a Piece Like This (5 acc), fp 9/1996