for organ solo (2004)
Dedicated to Susanne Kujala
Fp: Apr 25 2004 Meilahti Church Helsinki (FI), Susanne Kujala

Duration ca. 8 minutes

Azul is a composition which is possible to play on almost any organ. Although it is written for a three-manual organ, it can also be played on an organ with two manuals if there is a solo 4-foot-stop in the pedal. The given registration works only as a guideline and depends on the instrument on which the piece is performed. It is important to use a reed stop at bar 110, but otherwise there should only be a long crescendo at the end of the composition. Man. I means Great Organ and Man. III Swell Organ, but if there is no Swell Organ, you may omit the swell dynamics. Feel free to use your imagination and don’t be afraid to use weird-sounding registrations if you fancy them. Not even baroque temperament will prevent you from performing this composition.

Past performances:

Apr 25 2004 Meilahti Church Helsinki (FI), Susanne Kujala

Aug 3 2005 Espoonlahti Church (FI), Susanne Kujala

Sep 2005 Usedomer Musikfestival (DE), Ville Urponen

Jan 2007 Kallio Church Helsinki (FI), Ville Urponen

Feb 22 2007 Finlandia Hall Helsinki (FI), Susanne Kujala

May 8 2007 Bad Camberg St. Peter und Paul Kirche (DE), Susanne Kujala

May 13 2007 Hoyerswerda Church (DE), Susanne Kujala

Sep 1 2007 Olaus Petri Church Helsinki (FI), Susanne Kujala

Sep 5 2007 Helsinki Cathedral (FI), Susanne Kujala

Sep 28 2007 Tapiola Church (FI), Ville Urponen

Nov 12 2007 Organo Novo Festival St Paul’s Church Helsinki, Susanne Kujala

May 29 2009 Niguliste Church (EE), Ulla Krigul

Jun 4 2009 Cité Internationale des Arts Paris, Susanne Kujala

Jul 2009 Turku Cathedral (FI), Susanne Kujala

May 22 2013 Pauluskirche Bad Kreuznah (DE), Markku Hietaharju

Jul 27 2013 Helsinki Music Centre (FI), Susanne Kujala

Sep 29 2013 Toholampi Church (FI), Susanne Kujala

Mar 25 2014 Helsinki Cathedral (FI), Susanne Kujala

Jun 24 2014 St. Michael Church Turku (FI),

Jul 13 2014 Hanko Church (FI), Susanne Kujala

Aug 10 2014 Neuapostolische Kirche Herford (DE), Markku Hietaharju

Nov 6 2015 Helsinki Music Centre (FI),

Apr 29 2017 Västerås Church (SE), Anna Pulli

May 30 2018 Stadtkirche Bad Cannstatt Stuttgart (DE), Markku Hietaharju

Jun 18 2018 Heiliggeistkirche Heidelberg (DE), Markku Hietaharju

Nov 25 2020 Kotka Church (FI), Susanne Kujala

Jul 18 2021 Bragernes Church (NO), Susanne Kujala

Jul 27 2021 Turku Cathedral (FI), Aleksanteri Wallius

Oct 9 2021 Central Pori Church (FI), Aleksanteri Wallius

Feb 5 2022 Västerås Cathedral (SE), Aleksanteri Wallius

Jun 10 2022 Kangasala Church (FI), Aleksanteri Wallius

Jun 11 2022 Juva Church (FI), Aleksanteri Wallius

Jun 12 2022 Helsinki Cathedral (FI), Aleksanteri Wallius

Sep 10 2022 St. Martin Church Kassel (DE), Susanne Kujala