Commissioned by and dedicated to Lore Amenabar-Larrañaga
Instrumentation: solo quarter-tone accordion
Duration: ca. 5′


Lore Amenabar-Larrañaga: Ispilu (Divine Art Ltd.)  Album in Spotify

Program Note

Microtonal works often present the ‘new’ harmonies at a slow or moderate pace to give the listener enough time to adapt to the unusual intervals, thus sometimes forgetting a bit of rhythmic drive. I was delighted to get a commission from wonderful musician Lore Amenabar-Larrañaga for her newly designed quarter-tone accordion. Knowing her fantastic skills and musicality, I decided to write her a frenetic toccata L’eaurelle (2023) featuring additive rhythmics. But, despite my intentions of writing only fast music, I could not avoid inserting a slow introduction, which presents the work’s harmonic point of view to the 24edo. The name, L’eaurelle, is a wordplay between Finnish and French, which tries to catch the spirit of the fast-flowing music while making clear the piece is written for Lore.

Past performances

Oct 25           Lore Amenabar-Larrañaga          Washington DC, Spanish Embassy (US)
Oct 21           Lore Amenabar-Larrañaga           New York, NYU Steinhardt (US)
Aug 30          Lore Amenabar-Larrañaga           London, Royal Academy of Music (GB)
Jul 1              Lore Amenabar-Larrañaga           Heitersheim (DE)
Jun 29          Lore Amenabar-Larrañaga           Biel (CH)
Jun 28          Lore Amenabar-Larrañaga           Bern (CH)