for violin, horn and piano
Commissioned by Reeta Maalismaa and Jukka Harju
Duration 19′


Jukka Harju: Northern Attraction (Pilfink Records) Lairë in Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music

Program Note

Music is a fantastic art form. Everyone is allowed to have their personal images, feelings, and associations while listening to a musical composition. The composer might have strong visions and associations while composing a piece, but that does not necessarily mean the listener benefits from knowing those visions. On the contrary, the vision of the composer might just get in the way of the listener and cause unnecessary ballast.

The only thing I would like to tell you about the origin of my inspiration is that Lairë is based on one particular poem and somehow reflects the structure of it. I wish that you open up your ears, take a deep breath, and let my music guide your path through different colors, emotions, and textures, leading you to a very, very secret place… a place created by your imagination and reserved only for you to be in…


“The transition from the slowly fading ending of Whittall’s Points of Attraction to Veli Kujala’s mysteriously unfolding piece, Lairë, is magical, almost improvised.Veli Kujala navigates effortlessly and rhythmically in his chosen harmonic world, as well as in the possibilities of three instruments. As an accordion virtuoso, Kujala also demands from the performers of his compositions intricate musical textures, which alternate fancifully with slow-moving, contemplative passages. In the broad arcs of this resulting structure, there is also ample space for its own resonant identity.” YLE Radio 1

“Veli Kujala’s premiered piece “Lairë,” which was heard after the main concert, was a solidly composed, eventful, and varied chamber music work that was interpreted with depth by Jukka Harju, Reeta Maalismaa, and Jouko Laivuori.” Hufvudstadsbladet

Past Performances

June 21 2017 Jukka Harju (hn), Reeta Maalismaa (vl), Asuka Nakamura (pf) Bålsta, SE
Oct 18 2014 Jukka Harju (hn), Reeta Maalismaa (vl), Outi Nissi (pf) Oulu Tulindberg Hall, FI
May 16 2014 Jukka Harju (hn), Reeta Maalismaa (vl), Jouko Laivuori (pf) Helsinki Music Centre, FI