Hyperorganism nominated for Classical Emma and YLE 'Record of the Year'


Our CD Hyperorganism is nominated for Classical Emma, the Finnish version of Grammys and also for the 'Record of the Year' award of the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE! The CD includes CybOrgan, concerto for organ, strings and live-electronics performed by Susanne Kujala, Uusinta Ensemble and Tampere Raw + Hyperchromatic Counterpoint performed by myself with multichannel tape. The excellent recording and mixing was made by Tomi Pietilä of TomFloor Studio and inspiring liner notes were written by Esko Valtaoja, professor of astronomy. Hyperorganism is published by Alba Records.

"Unconventional and highly individual, and a lot more accessible than one might expect." www.recordsinternational.com

"I was pleasantly surprised and interested by the CybOrgan piece. It is a three movement work that explores music's relation to the cosmos – the music of the spheres... These are committed and splendid performances of both pieces. 'The music of the cosmos created us; we now create music for the cosmos.'" American Record Guide

"Cyborgan sounds like a science fiction novel (by William Gibson, perhaps), and I don't mean that in a demeaning way at all. It's futuristic, but it doesn't shy away from making a human connection. Hyperchromatic Counterpoint... feels like a one-man theater piece in which Kujala's quarter-tone accordion is the star, and the pre-recorded multi-channel tape is the stage... Over the length of this work we are taken through of variety of moods, textures, and unusual sonic experiences.... With this SACD we're seeing the birth of a new genre of concert music: space-accordion." Fanfare Magazine

Recording of my horn trio Lairë

Northern Attraction

The CD Northern Attraction by wonderful musicians Reeta Maalismaa (violin), Jukka Harju (french horn), Sonja Fräki (piano) and Mari Palo (voice) has been released on Pilfink Records short time ago. It includes my trio Lairë for violin, horn and piano commissioned by Maalismaa and Harju some years ago. You can order this beautiful album straight from the recording company from this link.

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