Tampere Biennale 2018

New superb chamber ensemble Ääni-kollektiivi will play the premiere performance of my newest composition entitled Taz in their concert in Tampere Biennale on April 14. Taz was commissioned by Tampere Biennale and is inspired by the Looney Tunes character Tasmanian Devil. The piece is scored for Pierrot ensemble line-up. https://tamperemusicfestivals.fi/biennale/ohjelma/la/aani-kollektiivi/

The same day I will perform my Thum Bop – a Hitchhiker’s Concerto with UMO Jazz Orchestra conducted by Kirmo Lintinen. It is wonderful to have a second opportunity with this piece, since the composition process was rather difficult and left me almost no time to prepare for the premiere performance last September. https://tamperemusicfestivals.fi/biennale/ohjelma/la/umo-jazz-orchestra/