Sometime ago I was commissioned by the Association of Finnish Church Music Composers to write a work for organ and reciter for the text of Kaija Pispa, which is based on the story of Jonah and the whale from the Bible. It was also translated in Swedish this spring by Leif Pietilä.

For a while there were plans of publishing this work, but now I have decided to offer the score for free in pdf format. If you are interested in performing this work, please feel free to download it! by clicking the link below!

My only wish were: could you please send me information (date, place) of forthcoming performance so that I can include it in the "Coming up" section of my homepage? My e-mail address is veli.kujala(miukumauku), (miukumauku) = @

Kun valas hotkaisi Joonan                  När valen slukade Jona


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